ARMSCOR Global Defense, Inc. (formerly known as Arms Corporation of the Philippines) is a manufacturer and exporter of over a hundred variants of small arms, ammunition and ammunition components. It has been in the retailing business through Squires Bingham Company since 1941 and in the manufacturing business since 1952. In December 1997, it was granted its ISO 9001 certification and has upgraded its ISO certification to date.  


ARMSCOR promotes and believes in “Bringing the best of the Philippines to the rest of the world” thru harnessing local talents and exporting quality products worldwide. It is recognized worldwide as the leader in 1911 pistols, with quality products at reasonable prices, and innovative ideas to bring new products into the market of self-defense and security of each one’s loved ones and property.


The company is also an advocate of giving back to the society by engaging in numerous corporate social responsibility projects such as disaster relief, medical and dental missions, food and sanitary kit donations, marksmanship training of police personnel, free show and so much more.

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